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Department of German (First Campus)

Welcome to NKUST(First Campus)

- Introduction

★“The NKFUST department of Applied German Language” was established in 1997 and is considered to be the only and indeed the first institute of the applied German language in Taiwan. We maintain a commitment to the idea of a core curriculum to cultivate specialists in the foreign language ,combining the german language with technical and commercial skills as well. In addition ,under our IT-based and digitalized learning atmosphere, students will surely acquire the ability to manage their knowledge , becoming an outstanding German specialist.


★ Bachelor`s degree Program
Apart from conventional “ Foreign Languages Department”, our department educate students not only to comprehend accurate German language but also to put it to use practically. Therefore , students in our department should obtain 18 course credits, practicing “electronic commerce program”, “business administration program” or “foreign guide interpreter program” held by both our department and the finance department.


★ Master`s Degree Program
Our Master`s degree program was founded in the year of 2000, majoring in “translation” and “german language teaching”. We offer students intensive , specialized german written translation and oral interpretation training. To conclude , with the coordination of the ROC(Taiwan) Ministry of Education`s foreign languages program, inter- university elective courses are offered in cooperation with several Germany Universities.